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Polycarbonate can be described as one of the wonder materials of the age.

It’s applications include: 

* Equipment housing
* Exterior automotive – headlamps
* Outdoor lighting fixtures
* Nameplates
* Medical supply components
* Plastic lenses
* Computer parts
* Outdoor sheeting and a host of other applications

It contains UV Stabilizers, is heat resistance and has increased tensile strength compared to other plastic products. It is naturally transparent as a result of it’s non-crystalline structure although also tinted in a variety of colours if required.

Al Awnings installs polycarbonate sheets as an entire unit or as an integrated product with fixed aluminium IBR roof sheeting. This allows light to be reflected into an adjacent room  from the covered patio, covered exterior laundry or other area.

Why choose Al Awnings?
* 25 years experience
* 10 year guarantee on material
* 1 year guarantee on workmanship
* Branches in Johannesburg,
   Pretoria, Cape Town and
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