Al Awnings
  Choose your awning!
  Al Awnings uses only the highest quality materials available.  
  Aluminium awnings are corrosion and maintenance free and are manufactured in 23 different colours. Protect your windows, curtains and furniture from the elements and create value in your home.  
  * Corrosion and maintenance fee  
  * Pre-painted baked aluminium imported from Holland  
  * 23 Colours to choose from  
  * Protects windows, curtains and furniture  
  * Cools the house down in summer  
  * Allows the winter sun to still shine in at lower angles to warm the house  
  * Aesthetically pleasing and adds value to your house  
  * 10 year guarantee  

Why choose Al Awnings?
* 25 years experience
* 10 year guarantee on material
* 1 year guarantee on workmanship
* Branches in Johannesburg,
   Pretoria, Cape Town and
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